St. George Island is Perfect for An Active Lifestyle

St. George Island, Florida is known for being a family-friendly oasis complete with relaxing sunny days, sweeping beach vistas, and a wide selection of delicious seafood. Did you know that the island is also perfect for people with an active lifestyle? Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you have to give up being active. Below is our top 5  active lifestyle options on St. George Island, Florida.

1 Stand Up Paddleboard or SUP (if your hip)

Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to use a surf board in place of a kayak? Why sit when you can stand, right? Well, that’s where Island Fit SUP comes in. Not only does Island Fit SUP rent the equipment they also teach classes. Island Fit specializes in beach yoga, paddle board lessons, and paddle board eco tours.

If you think this fun sport might be for you. We would recommend taking your adventure during the spring, summer, and fall months to enjoy the beautiful weather St. George Island has to offer and spectacular views around the Gulf of Mexico.

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2 Kayaking

Dolphins on St. George IslandReady for some more traditional water explorations? If so, St. George Island has a several, and we do mean several, kayaking opportunities. If you love dolphins you will be delighted to see one of the several pods which swim around the island. Don’t worry about bringing your own kayak as the island has several vendors to rent from. Check out our Things to Do page for a list of equipment rental vendors.

One of our favorites is located at the far west end of the island is what the locals and regular guests call “The Cut.” St. George Island was literally cut into two separate islands to allow the passage of boat into the Apalachicola Bay. On the other side of the cut is Cape St. George Island State Reserve or as many refer to it Little St. George Island. If you venture to the reserve expect to see beautiful sea shells and spectacular wildlife.

3 Cycling

Biking on St. George IslandIf staying grounded is more your style then you will enjoy cycling around St. George Island, Florida. The island offers bikers an ideal location with features such as a flat elevation, sweeping beachfront vistas, and beautiful weather. No matter when you visit St. George Island you can expect to see people riding their bikes. The oversized sidewalks and several side streets also make the island is perfect for this relaxing activity.

If you ask us, the best season happens to be fall followed by early to mid-spring.

4 Fishing and/or Scalloping 

Scalloping in Port St. JoeFishing:

Do you enjoy catching your dinner? St. George Island is known for offering guests the best areas to cast a reel in hopes of catching the “Big One.” The best part, usually they do! If you want to fish on shore, and have not rented one of our many Apalachicola Bay facing home, then we would recommend visiting the old access bridge. Not only does the old bridge gives you a chance to catch deliciously fresh saltwater fish, it is perfect for meeting new people. Additionally, there are several semi-tame cranes which frequent the bridge…say cheese!

Now, if you are looking for an open water adventure we would recommend chartering a boat. We have several boat charter listings on our Things To Do page. Journey’s SGI is a very popular boat charter service on St. George Island. To contact them their number is (850) 927-3259.


Does snorkeling to hunt for scallops sound like fun? Believe us, it is so much fun! If it does, then heading over to Port St. Joe is a must to search for the delicious scallops. Scallops are skilled at hiding along the sandy bottom of the shallows. Now to fully enjoy this activity we would recommend that you bring snorkeling goggles and swim fins. In order to legally enjoy this activity, it does have to be in season, and the 2017 season has been shortened.

According to Channel 7WJHG, “A typical scallop season runs from the first week in July through the third week in September. In 2016, the season was shortened to just three weekends following a devastating red tide outbreak which negatively impacted the scallop population in St. Joseph Bay. Staff will conduct similar restoration efforts in 2017.” To read to full article Click Here.

5 Shelling

If you are seeking an activity that can be done all-year-round then shelling is a must do. This is a perfect combination of leisure and activity. The best places to visit are going to be at each end of St. George Island. As you might recall, at the far west end of the island adventures can kayak or boat over to Little St. George Island. If you haven’t been to Little St. George Island at least once that is a must visit getaway. At the far east end of the island we would recommend visiting Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park. The state park is conveniently reached by car and features impressive sand dunes, wild life, and vistas.

If you have any questions about activities on St. George Island, our friendly staff is standing by to help guide you in the right direction. Call (850) 927.2218