Geocaching on St. George Island

Geocaching St George Island

What Is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt, using our ‘modern day’ maps, the GPS!  When we break down the word geocache, ‘geo’ refers to the term location, while a ‘cache’ would be items that are hidden or stored away…TREASURE! This adventurous activity allows participants to strap on their boots, grab a friend, and explore the world around them. The idea behind geocaching is to find trinkets that other individuals have hidden and shared the location’s coordinates on the Geocache website. Then, after your successful find, record it in the log book that’s located in the cache box and CELEBRATE!

According to, millions of people consider themselves ‘Geocachers,’ logging in the over 2 million caches worldwide! So, why not join the global party?


Geocaching is a game for all ages and it’s simple to get started with only a few steps to follow:

  1. Register for a FREE account on Geocache-CREATE AN ACCOUNT
  2. Navigate to ‘Hide & Seek a cache’
  3. Enter your location.
  4. Choose a cache from the list.
  5. Enter the coordinates into your GPS and find the hidden geocache.
  6. Log your findings and share a picture of your awesome finds!



Geocaching: The Added Benefits

Not only are you enjoying the ‘Great Outdoors’ with your family, but there are other positive and health-related benefits that go along with ‘caching.’

  • Physical Activity: One of the greatest benefits of geocaching is being physically active. After you find one cache, you will want to find even more and before you know it, you would have walked a whole 8 miles!
  • Social Interaction: Geocaching is a great way to network with others while problem-solving, brainstorming, and decision making. Geocaching with families or groups helps strengthen those skills, especially with kids!
  • Educational: Learning is the BEST benefit to get out of geocaching. This type of learning takes place outdoors, where nature abounds! Exploration teaches us how to be brave and discover something new, while creativity allows us to use our imagination and become innovative in our search.

Geocaching on St. George Island

Once, you get to St. George Island, there are caches waiting to be found. Whether you are at the St. George Island State Park, the unforgettable lighthouse, or snagging a fabulous family photo next to the St. George Island welcome sign, you are sure to find a cache nearby.  So, while you’re enjoying your stay in one of our beautiful beach homes, take a day and discover the island’s geocaches. After all, why not tap into your creative side and pretend that you’re on a mission and the goal is to find the treasures of the Forgotten Coast.